by mothmother

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This EP deals with sexual assault and some of the lyrics could be potentially triggering for survivors.

Mixing/Mastering - Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business
mothmother artwork - celldeth and brainkief
EP artwork - Grant at Bitter Melody Records

A special thank you to Patrick Thomas, Issy Varoumas, Alex Todd and Grant McCracken for helping us make this release something special.

Cassettes and CDs are available through the Bitter Melody online store. One dollar from each tape or CD will be donated to People Against Rape, an organization that provides resources and counseling to rape survivors. Additionally, if anything else is purchased along with the mothmother tape or CD, one dollar from each of those items will also be donated to People Against Rape. Each additional item must be valued higher than one dollar. For example, if you buy a mothmother tape and two additional items (each item being worth more than one dollar), three dollars will be donated to the organization.

Half of any digital purchase of the EP will also be donated to People Against Rape.


released May 19, 2017



all rights reserved


mothmother Charleston, South Carolina

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Track Name: Taken
Gripping and ripping,
I can’t break away
Kicking and screaming there’s no help for me
I’m falling, I’m falling, I’m down on my knees
This darkness, this darkness it takes over me
You see me, but you don’t see me
You feel me, but you don’t feel anything
The rage, the pain x5
Rage and pain, pain and rage
Rage and pain, pain and rage
Rape x3
Track Name: Pressure
Pressure, pressure
Hopeless child
Pressure, pressure
Selfish loss
Fearing the dark
Nightmares haunt me
Feeling alone
Someone save me
Touch me there, touch me everywhere
Feel my hate, a hate that can’t be saved
Touch me there, touch me everywhere
Feel my hate, a hate that can’t be saved
Track Name: Dominate
Suffer! It’s all I see
Shame! Rots inside of me
Pain! It’s all I feel
Please, stop, no! I don’t want to feel.
Trapped! It’s just you and me
Is what you seek
Down on my knees
Pull me apart where no one can see
Feeling alone
Filling with rage
Pain, sadness, it’s deep inside me
The more that I scream
The more that I fight
The more that I struggle
The harder he bites
No hope for me x2
Track Name: Brave
So grim
Hidden grief
Inside of me
Weigh me down
Let me bleed
Be brave
For me
Be brave
For me
Track Name: Silent Torture
Through all the light I find darkness
There’s a demon in my head consuming me
My innocence slowly dies because of him
All I feel is emptiness, anguish, despair
Burn me down
Turn me out
Castrate me
Make me bleed
Consuming x4
Track Name: Outro
Lay hold of her frail body
Fill it with rage
Rape her of happiness
Leave her where she lies
Where she’ll stay
My disgust with the human race falls
upon the choice you made
The poison consumed by a lustrous
mind has condemned the innocent
Burden to a life of hate
I am nothing x3